Our trails of taste

Escargot roulade with Colonnata lard, golden onion powder, potato mousse


Salmono confit, turnip tartare, oysters sauce


Tube pasta with octopus in red wine sauce


Lamb strips, squid, stewed cabbage and wine reduction


Veal stew in white sauce, rosemary, lemon and broccoli with peanuts


Camana Delight


Tahitian vanille parfait, raspberry and thyme gelèe, coconut dacquoise


6-course menu € 87 per person

For this menu, the same choice is kindly requested for a minimum of two people.



Our trails of territory

Marinated deer rump, mountain pine and raspberry emulsion, toasted almond sticks 8


Buckwheat dumplings, rosemary mushrooms, Bitto fondue and goat’s dry meat 1-3-7


Venison ribs marinated in blueberries with potatoes 7-9


Camana Delight


Chestnut parfait, tonka bean ganache and local crumble cake 1-3-5-8-14


5-course menu € 62 per person



6-courses for all guests of the table

Let yourself be guided in a surprise sequence, made with the best raw material selected daily by our kitchen brigade

6-course menu € 72 per person




Smoked venison rump, mountain pine and raspberry emulsion, toasted almond sticks 8

€ 18,00

Bio egg at 64 degrees, mousse of pecorino cheese with black pepper, crispy bacon 3-7

€ 16,00

Fois gras bis: escalope with date, creme brûlé with almond milk and pistachios served with rye pan brioches 1-3-7-8

€ 21,00

Buckwheat salad, tuna, sweet and sour red onion petals, seaweed salad and salmon roe 1-4-6

€ 19,00

Pumpkin and Roquefort terrine, artichoke confit salad 3-7

€ 17,00



Topinambur risotto, roast pigeon breast, smoked beer reduction and Melissa drops 1-7

€ 19,00

Squid ink buttons, scallops, buffalo cream and cherry wilted tomatoes 1-3-4-7-14

€ 18,00

Guinea fowl tortellini in its broth with cardamom and diced porcini with thyme 1-3-7-9

€ 17,00

Spaghetto chitarra with rabbit ragout, olive powder, lemongrass 1-3-9

€ 18,00

Spelt fusilli with vegetables, tofu and sweet potato cream 1-6-7-9

€ 16,00



Grilled cubes of marbled beef, yuzu mayonnaise, sautéed peas and carrots 3-7

€ 27,00

Deer sirloin medallions, shrimp tartare, glenflarkas bisque and roast potato 2-7-9

€ 26,00

Slice of goose breast, light rhubarb sauce, gratin potatoes 7-9

€ 25,00

Veal kidneys trifled with black garlic and coriander, potato mousse 7-9

€ 24,00

Fillet of turbot, cream of morel mushroom, sautéed beets 4-7-9

€ 25,00




Our selection of local and international cheeses accompanied by homemade honey and jams 7

Euro  17.00 small

Euro  21.00 big


Decomposed tiramisu with mascarpone cream, coffee cream and light cinnamon Streusel 1-3-7-8-12

€ 12,00

Double flavor Profiterole with pistachio and hazelnut cream glazed with dark chocolate 1-3-5-7

€ 11,00

Vegan tart filled with custard and fresh fruit 6

€ 10,00

Chocolate and orange mousse with cocoa biscuit 1-3-7-12

€ 11,00

Gourmand: taste of homemade sweets

€ 15,00




14 categorie di allergeni

Do not hesitate to contact the staff for any information if you are intolerant or allergic.

All our dishes contain at least one product or sauces originally frozen for hygienic reasons, availability and processing of the products.

1)  CEREALS containing gluten such as wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelled, kamut and their derivatives

2)  SHELLFISH and products based on shellfish

3)  EGGS and products based on eggs

4)  FISH and products based on fish

5)  PEANUTS and products based on peanuts

6)  SOY and products based on soy

7)  MILK and products based on milk (lactose included)

8)  FRUIT WITH SHELL like almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios and their products

9)  CELERY and products based on celery

10)  MUSTARD and products based on mustard

11)  SESAME SEEDS and products based on sesame seeds

12)  SULFUR DIOXIDE AND SULPHATES in concentrations above 10mg/Kg or 10mg/liter in terms of total sulfur dioxide

13)  LUPINS and products based on lupins

14)  MOLLUSCS and products based on molluscs